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I am passionate about entertaining, and for me cooking is a means to an end – an opportunity to entertain friends and family at leisure, in a relaxed atmosphere at home. No deadlines, no need to vacate the table by a specific time, second helpings and doggy-bags always discretely available...


Having lived in Tel Aviv for many years, I have developed a unique style of entertaining. A hectic lifestyle, very typical of Tel Aviv, leaves little time for fussy recipes or hard to source ingredients. All this is reflected in Tel Aviv FOOD.


When not entertaining at home or showing guests around Tel Aviv, I translate words and culture. My company Finesse offers cross-cultural & soft skills training, professional translation, editing and proofreading services along with corporate English coaching.


I have also lectured and participated in many professional meetings and international conferences; and set up and managed information centers in various industries. Finesse embodies accumulated professional experience within the corporate world, along with essential life skills garnered along the way.


In addition, I am currently working on another book… watch this space…

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